Be Gentle, Love

Be gentle with my heart

That is my plea

So easily it can be torn apart

So I ask you so caringly

It is holding on by a single thread

So lets not let our signals get misread

I promise to always take care of you

If you can promise to do the same for me, too

Be gentle when you touch me

I bruise ever so easily

Please do not hurt me

Just treat me like you love me so completely

Treat me as if I were your everything

The way that I will always treat you

Like you are my whole world

Would you tell the whole world that I am your girl?

I just want to make you proud

I would never let you down

I will do anything that I can just for you

You should know I would stand by your side through and through

So I ask you this now,

Be ever so gentle with my heart

Treat my request as a vow

because my heart can so easily be torn apart

The thread it is held by is not that strong

So I am not sure they will hold together long

Will you help me to sow it back together completely?

I need your help because I break easily

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