Beautiful, splendid thing

Can this love really last?

It is so suprising when I find I am finally over the past

Not it is just you and I, no excuses

Just a brand new start with different uses

Are we really destined forever?

Is this our chance to really be together?

We have been waiting a long time it seems

Great things like this usually only happen in my dreams

Have you realized that I need you?

Body, soul, and mind- so completely

I finally realized that you are my one, the one sent to guide me through

and I have never loved someone so deeply

Are you consumed by our love?

I know that I am and that is a first

This time I stuck my hand in the fire and did not get burned

I guess that I finally learned

Our love is such a beautiful, splendid thing

Never did I think I would see all the magic love can bring

But I believe that this love is forever

and I am ready for everything we will do together

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