Better Off

September 2006

am better off in your arms

Than I ever would be alone

Alone I am so miserable

Feeling unloved and jaded

TIred of  feeling so hated

But in your arms I feel secure

And safe from harm

I feel purpose in loving you

Like that is my reason in living

Love is nothing short of a miracle

I feel so blessed to love you

And to be loved by you

I am so lucky to have gotten a chance

to share part of my life with you

I only hope that we get to share the rest of our lives together

I will give anything to be with you

But I will never give up

i will keep holding out hope for us

Becuse I love you and never want to lose you

You make me feel a way no one ever has before

It is real and it is pure

We are meant ot be

This I am sure

Let us dance in the moonlight

To the radios tune

We'll lie on a blanket in the backyard

And count all the stars

And talk about the big bright future of ours

TO ever think we don't deserve love is wrong

We're not better off alone


YOu are better off in my arms,

I'll treat you right

I will keep you safe from harm

Each and every night

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