Questioned Motives:::::

September 07

Never did I question your motives

So maybe I was wrong

When I thought you were my one and only

Maybe you were not the one all along

Why did I not notice all the signs

The ones that said you were not the one for me

We would fall apart and then get back together

Only to fall apart once again

My feelings however lasted all the while,

But only when you were around did I wear a smile

I tried to be happy while you were away

But when you left, all my hope strayed

I believed all your lies

Pretended that your every word was true

I did not want to lose you so I tried

But I knew all that our love had been denied

So why did I never question your motives

Why was I so wrong

I would only be happy if you were the one

but you werent the one all along

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