Hope Next Time It Will Last::

September 07

Silence fills this empty room

Never imagined the lonliness would settle in so soon

The pain is burning and I am finding it hard to go on

There are so many days I find it hard to realize that you are gone

I have traveled many roads trying to fiind love

There was a time I did not believe so I gave up on finding the one I have always dreamt of

But then one night I find the one that walked within my dreams

However I never envisioned him leaving me

I would trade this sorrow for even a little hope

But now pain is the only way that I have learned to cope

Days I cannot bother to even try

Because it takes everything in me to not give in and cry

and now I am afraid to fall again

Because it could hurt too much

But once I am in I fall too fast

and once im in I cant get out,

I just hope that next time it will last

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