Last Train Out Of Town


I could catch the last train out of town

Run far from the emotions in which I am about to drown

Escape the pain before it consumes me completely

The deeper I sink , leaving is not as easy

I could be long gone before anyone notices that I am gone

I could be in another town before the lighting of the dawn

If only dreams were easy to make sense of

In a life where everyone is searching for love

[I run to you in my time of need

Begging for a reason not to bleed

Searching for the hope that you seem to give

With you in my life I have another reason to breathe, another reason to live]]

Fueled by the memories of the past

Wondering  why the former loves never chose to last

Was it me, could it have been them?

Sometimes it is so easy to remember, sometimes I can't remember even what could have been

But love you are here now

and I run to you with your arms wide open

Making believe that I am worthy

and you tell me you are glad I'm the one you have chosen

rpt chorus

Love ended one too many times to count

and I believe I found the reason

I was just in love with the idea of love

So love could never outlast the season

So maybe now that I found the answer

I won't love in the wrong way

and for once it will last

giving hope to each and everyday

rpt chorus

you give me reason to breathe

and reason to live

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