Destined For Sorrow::[song]


Verse 1:

Our skies were so full of promise

Our future was bright with hope

But times can quickly change

and we find bad ways to cope


Love can quickly be mistaken

Too soon can it turn into rage

When lonliness starts to settle in

We turn another page

Verse 2:

Feelings which were once so deep

Are all lost in the sea of our past

We wish that our love was something that we could always keep

But we have to learn that good things don't always last

Rpt Chs::


Our days together, we thought were endless

But instead they ended so quickly

We lived and loved while we could

Who knew the fire of our love would die out so suddenly

and if I had it to do all over again,

theres no second guessing, I definately would

Rpt Chs:

Last verse:

I look to the sky tonight and I see it painted the darkest black

No stars fill it to show any hope for tomorrow

A single tear falls from my eye and I know

That I am destined only for sorrow


Rpt Chs:

The lonliness settles in

and we turn another page

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