September 07

Happiness evaporating into the thinest of air

You walking in and out of my life without a single care

Could you look me in the eye and tell me the truth

If you told me that you loved me, what would be proof

I lie awake just wondering what I did to deserve this

Hoping for something sweet, only finding short-lived bliss

Smiles soon fade to the saddest frown

Good intentions are always good, but sometimes they only lead to be let down

The music in my head turns from peaceful to angst

I would get it all back if I could, do whatever it takes

As time slowly runs out,

I go crazy inside and want to shout

The tears fall forever

They never choose to surrender

Honesty, it never lasts

Trying to forget my past

Happines evaporates in the thinest of air

When love walks in and out the door without a care

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