I Fall Too Fast::::

September 07

I cannot stop myself from falling

But this time I am scared

I have to admit that when I fall I fall too hard

and I am never ready, never prepared

This time I will try to be more cautious, mainly for this fear

But the truth is I fall too fast

and end up in a million tears

Because the love never lasts

I cannot let my guard down

I cannot let you in

Because I will love you too much

and I will hurt all over again

If I look into your eyes, I am afraid that I will melt

You will say those sweet words

and right there and then they will make me feel the best I have ever felt

and so I pray you will not let those three words be heard

But I cannot stop myself from falling

However this time I am afraid

I could get hurt very easily

So I pray those three words will not be said

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