Make Believe


Verse One:

In a moment of wonder you told me how you felt

That you did not want to hurt me but you loved someone else

And that you have all along

Was I just someone you could put all your pain on

Oh..I knew something was fish from the start

Perhaps its how you lied about the status of your heart


What about all the I Love You's that you said to me

Were they just a part of the act, to hurt me in the end so easily

What about all the memories, you by my side

through all the good and the bad

What about all the smiles you gave and all the tears you wiped away when I was sad

What about all of that,

Was it just make believe?

Verse two:

In a moment of weakeness somehow you started to believe

that I was the one

It is true I did fall for you too,

but I didnt know the whole truth

and maybe I should have asked if you werent over her

but if you were so in love with  her

why'd you let yourself get mixed up with me

repeat chorus

verse three:

Was I just there to fill your lonliness

but when time alloweed you to be with her,

You planned for your great escape from my life

Were the kisses fake and all those gentle hugs

What about asking me to marry you,

Was that all apart of your foolish game?

Repeat Chorus


You dropped a bomb tonight,

Told me that you were still inlove with the girl

that you loved before

When do all the lies find their end

We are done with now, we can't even be friends

it was all make believe..

So now you must leave..

oh it was so...make believe..

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