Happyness has returned?

February 2007

Sometimes she forgets what love feels like..

She's been so lonely for so long

She sometimes does not realize what it feels like...to have another soul there

Let alone to have someone care

For so long she looked for love,

But was unable to find that one perfect match

She found all the wrong ones

While looking for that one perfect catch

Once she thought she found him,

Only to learn that he was mr. wrong.

But she kept on searching

While trying to stay strong

Wondering if she would ever found the one that would stay

While the others just walked the other way

Leaving her with a lot of confusion in her mind

Waiting for the one love that was one of a kind

Then she found a good guy whose intentions she thought were true

In the end she end up crying tears of sadness, loneliness and being blue

The time they spent together she thought they were special but she now guesses that they werent

Because if they were they'd still be together and she wouldnt have gotten hurt

Vowing to never let her heart down off the shelf

After she learned you can't love someone else until you first love yourself

She hated herself for all of the pain that she had put on her heart

Wishing she would have never given them a chance from the start

So the days went by and still she wept

and to herself her own heart she kept

Knowing she'd never be able to trust anyone else with her heart

Because all of the guys liked to tear it apart

Slowly the days went by and she grew a bit older

Yet she felt as though she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulder

She had no one still to cast her troubles upon

She had not yet found the one to lean on

So this girl decided to let go of searching, she had all the comfort she could stand

She wanted to give up because no one was there to take her hand

Lonliness and misery became her only company, she wonders why they were always there on demand

But now she finally knows the reason why, she finally understands

She had to go through all of the pain and the heartbreak

She had to go through it all just to see how much her heart could take

She thought that she had enough, she just wanted to die

But she made it through with just a few cuts and bruises and came out with only a few tears in her eyes

She sees her love there standing beside her, he loves her through all her good and bad

He is there for her when she is happy, he comforts her when she is sad

She is his world but to her, he is way much more

He stands by her side through it all, way more than any one before

She does not know what he sees in her, but she feels so loved

She finally found the one that all this time she had been searching for

Yet he came when she had stopped searching, he was just there standing strong and bright

Like everyone told her it would, everything finally turned out alright

She now knows a love this is true, pure and real

Even though once she had forgotten how it feels

Her eyes had lost their innocent glow

But now in them, love is all they show

With him in her life she feels so strong

She feels as if she can do anything, and it would not be wrong

He gives her confidence that the rest of the world could never provide

With him she feels no more reason to hide

Finally I can feel as if happiness has returned

Thought from the hurting of the past my heart and turned black and burned

When all along to find love was what I had yearned

Now I finally know what love is after I have learned

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A story that goes back to my first heartbreak...then ends up with how love is today. =]

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