Try Again


Verse One:

This is how it ends

We are not even friends

We have just found danger

Lovers turned into strangers

and we cannot turn back,

No we cannot turn back time

We said goodbye

and now you are not mine


So tell me do you regret our love or the loss

Would you ever want it back,

if so what would be the cost

We were too young and naive back then

Maybe one day we could try again

Verse Two:

We burned all the bridges

That connected our hearts together

We walked on a very thin line

We were just a stitch in time

Ripped all our pages and threw them into the fire

I am sorry that love is such a liar

Repeat Chorus

Verse three:

We could not commit to the distance

It only brought us pain

We tried to fight through it

But it ended just the same

Repeat Chorus


DO you regret the love

or do you regret the loss

Would you want it back

Tell me the cost

Could we try again

Would you want to try our love again?

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