Beautiful Nightmare

Tossing, turning

Night sweats

Sheets wet

Breathing's heavy

hair is messy

so unsteady

I think you're ready

Make me cry

Make me shout

Make ms scream


wake me up

from this dream

Is this a sweet dream?

Or is it a beautiful nightmare?

In all my days I've never encountered

such an unpleasant bliss

making me uncomfortably calm

You tease me with intensity

electrifying me with your consistency

beating me with reoccurring dreams

dreams of desire, fire, that keep me wired

able to survive the whole day

after spending one night with you

Beautiful Nightmare


Beautiful Nightmare

keep haunting me

so I can sleep unpeacefully

awaken me unpleasantly

torture me with sweet misery

silence my faint cries

soothing pain, wonderful dreams

and in the sun beams

rudely forcing me to wake up from this

sweet agony

But I do not swear at the great ball of fire

because it has awakened my desire

to finish the day

anticipating and



Beautiful Nightmares

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