Love for my Gay frds

I see you with thesame face

I see you everytime

I see you likin to be SHE

yet i address you HE

how brave thou can be?

walkin like under-cover cop

no gun pointed

no one dies

love is all you wante

love is all you share


Oh my GAY friend

Oh my GAY friend


I wish i can walk your heart

I wish i can walk you down

back that path...

where we left all confidence

between you and me...Is conventional

but there is still a place in my heart for you

and there will always be

just like back in those days...

I stand with you

eat and drink with you

Joke and laugh with you

walk and seat with you

sleep and wake with you

Oh may GAY friend

Oh may GAY friend

I know you feel so diffrent inside

but we only see your outside

who am i to judge a man

Normal or insane

all i own you is love...

Love before! Love now!! and love for ever!!!

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