''Man is the Devil himself''

In my Village we have a sayin

I wasn't there...

Is better than i was there,

but i didn't do it.

Now who are we to blame?

where are we to run ?

the world is not big anymore

miles are made minute.

Here they come again,

doin everythin agaist humanity

Oh' brothers and sisters

where do we go from here?.

Demons spread their wings

Anoiting to belong to Evil

I wish i never existed!

''Man is the Devil himself''

laughing over sorrow, tear and blood

Our device help our hearing no more

quick to search nagativity

The love of man is far gone

lost and still runnig far, away

the Devil is everywhere

yes Evil doers

''Man is the Devil himself''.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

May God bless the soul of the Paris Terorrist Attack victims.

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