Power Game (WMD)

I wonder how  many  left

how many we about to lose

every man want to be a master

the new world is all power show



the good one's amnog us are the innocents

women and children

while they die first

for your power games

always the victim of circumstance

the valnarebla ones paying the price

shame on men

who treaded WMD!

for your wages is death


Blood serves  you  income

Man Oh! men our hands are stain

how big is your heart to carry on ?

the cloud move's everywhere  

watching and crying

how men chop off men

half bodies matters no more

is a thing of every day...


In the street of Gaza!

where is the old mesopotamia?

East Mediterranean is gone

Ancient centers of civilizaton

In the early day's

we scared of the cold Asia

Is heating up now there

explotion in mid air

iron birds made weapons

WMD every where, trying to prove a point.



Sham on ''power game''

who took our love ones away

man in exchange for fossil

facing mass extinction

Our souls burning

leave the innocent women and children

these people make the world

don't close the gate of humanity

shot the gate of power games

stop WMD power shows.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of the Innocent women and childrean who die for what they know nothing about. Caught in the mid of war, home invade or terrorist attacks.

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