Soul Mate

There is such a thing as ''Soul Mate''

Out of millions these two must meet

some come by chance

some come by circumstance

Somtimes it starts as friens

Sometimes it just clicks

there are meant to be ''Soul Mate''

You will try a million times to put it into words

All your feelings , but words are not enough,

there is nothing to describe a true love...

these are what love is! Like an cean an constant move

Again! and again!! as you'll never had enough

hand in hand you both fling

A romance full with blessing ,

all the passion run's your heart..

This is what has come to stay

the love that will last forever,

everyday is passionate, full of anticipation of tomorrow..

each day feels like the begening of a new leaf grow's in two as one


I can't wait to see tomorrow

I know we, we always belong to each other

Up or down, from Geneses to Revelation

Til death do us part' we are ''Soul Mate''

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