You aRe EveRy Where

I found myself helpless

struggling to hold on while standing firm,

my two legs weak but my foots are strong,

my hand shaking with my palms stable.


I clench my palms, form a fist

ready  to fight like  floyd mayweather

''more punch more money''.

I m not fighting to be famouse, but i will to survive,

i feel your punches landing on me from evrywhere

O!! you are here and there


You aRe EveRy where

You aRe EveRy Where


 I wonder why me!

yes indeed, why me?

 mayweather is stronger

yet i got the bigger fight, but i'll strive to safe me

so i keep my clench fist, watching all direction,

i wish i can see and take a fist on you

like ''mayweather to Berto''

O!! you are here and there

poor me! poor me!! POVERTY.




Yes! yes!! yes!!! you are

You aRe EveRy Where




Author's Notes/Comments: 

In a nutshall i try to talk about poverty and people, the struggling people trying to over come in their day to day activities.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr is the present world champion ''best boxer'', holding heavy weight title, Andre Berto being the one he defeated recently so i use them as example , in their case they see and know who they struggling with, but with poverty is invisible, one keep fighting  and is every where you cant run away from it by changing place so you must fight.


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