Have We Won?

He came walking solemnly,
his sword-tip dragging 'cross the ground
his helmet no where to be found.
I ran to him.
"We've won!" I cried, arms out stretched.
He did not look up.
I wrapped my arms 'round his neck.
"It's over." I said with a sigh.
He did not reply.

And more men returned,
heads down, swords dragging,
helmets lost somewhere behind.
I gazed at them, a confused look
but they did not look at me.

"Hey!" I cried. "Surely nothing's wrong,
we've won, have we not?"
And they lifted their heads,
turning to me-
and I gasped.
For their eyes were coated over
with scars and muddy blood,
every one,
all blinded to the world.

I turned back to him,
back to my beloved.
He looked up at me
with those tattered, torn up eyes
and said;
"Don't be scared, my love,
do not fear,"
I stepped back.
"It had to 've been done."
He held his hand to my face,
caressing my cheek,
so softly,
so carefully,
he wiped a tear away.
"We did this to ourselves."

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