The Sky Is Purple

The sky is purple.
Don't tell me that it isn't.
Purple is what I see when I look up,
red when I look down.
People are blue
and animals are silver,
fish are green.

This is how I see,
this is what I know.
Because all people are blue,
all animals silver,
all fish green.
The ground is always red
and the sky is always purple.

I'm not colour-coding everything,
nothing's ranked and nothing's better.
If everything was purple,
It would be impossible to see.
So only the sky is purple,
the ground red,
the people blue,
the animals silver
and the fish green.

And every single person
is a different shade of blue,
none quite the same as another.
But all are blue.
And every single animal
is a different shade of silver,
the fish a different green.

But the sky is always purple,
and the ground is always red.
Because the sky is the sky,
and the ground is the ground.
People are many.
There's just too many lives
for one shade of blue.

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