I Am Happy (Help me)

I am happy.
(My mind...)
I am always happy.
(I struggle.)
The world is happy.
(The pain...)
Everything is pretty
(So dark...)
and fun,
(No more!)
(Can't breathe...)
and bright.
(I'm blind.)
So happy.
(It hurts.)
I love life
(The sorrow.)
and life loves me,
(Always raining.)
everyone loves me,
(So fake...)
everyone loves everyone.
(So much hate...)

So happy.

There was once a time
when I rebelled
because I was ugly
and sad.
I wasn't happy.
(Don't want...)
I wanted more,
or I wanted less.
I don't remember.
(I don't want!)
I was so angry,
so dull.
I ran away
and I hid
(Can't take it...)
but they found me
(Kicking... screaming...)
and they fixed me
and now I am happy.

How good it is to be happy.
(Deep down...)
How wonderful the world is.
(I can feel it...)
How glamorous.
(It burns...)
How fun.
(Help me.)
How... happy.

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