So they told me I was mad
'cause I decided not to lie.
They told me I was sick
'cause I didn't like their ways.
They told me I was wrong
when I said I wasn't happy.
They told me I was dangerous
when I finally got angry.

They said that they could cure me.
-But there's nothing there to cure.-
They told me they could reach me.
-When their hands are so far away-
They told me I could be normal.
-When I don't know what normal is-
They told me I was free.
-But they locked me in a prison-

There's nothing wrong
with the chemicals in my mind.
Nothing loose
or disconected.
I can think
and I can learn
just like everybody else.

I just decided not to hide
all I did was tell the truth.
I want the world to slow down,
and think for a moment.
Just think.

Do we really have to hide
when everyone is mad?

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