Hidden Eyes

Rebels hide their eyes.
Behind hair, hat or glasses,
rebels hide their eyes.
Why, you ask?
A simple reason,
we're open to freedom,
and shut-out from treason.

We can't see the drones
and their hypnotizing charms.
We can't accept lies,
we'll sound the alarms.

We're blinded to blindness,
stuck in the shadow,
but still free to dream,
we've got our beliefs
and I swear we can scream.

Don't dance with the devil
till you've spotted his glare,
gaze into his eyes,
feel the empty stare.

We hide our eyes
so you can't read our minds,
so our thoughts remain hidden,
our limbs out of binds.

We kept the ice cool
in a room full of fire,
we're armed with our voices
and we're raising them higher.
Because life's full of death
and death's full of life,
we're deep, we're depressed,
we're loaded with strife
but the guns are still loaded,
we'll fight for our rights,
when the sky's falling down
and there's zero hope left,
we're taking the crown
to save all the rest.

And when the leaders have fallen,
the drones lost their edge,
we'll claw our way up,
inching, ledge by ledge.
We fight for the truth,
we fight for the lives,
every last one,
every hope that survives.
We're taking it now,
a world meant for saving,
protesters booming,
rioters raving!

A fire is blazing,
it's inside our eyes
which is why we must hide it,
lest it be our demise.
Too soon is too late,
too late is dead passed,
we must strike on time
and we must do it fast.

Rebels hide their eyes
because we're still free,
and we can't let them see it,
we can't let it be.

So we hide our fire,
we hide our free will,
so we can strike back,
avenge every kill.

Rebels hide their eyes
so you can't see our souls,
can't take 'em for prise.
We remain free,
able to fight,
we'll take 'em, you'll see!
Rebels never take flight!

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