If I Had Wings

If I had wings
I'd fly away from here
with all I hold dear
deep in my heart.

I'd live for the freedom
of wild blue skies,
lost deep in thought,
no more despise.

If I had wings
I'd have no more hate,
I'd fly with the birds
and their own silent fate.

To sing and to call,
to laugh and to fall.
To live and to breath,
to never ever leave.

No one governs the skies,
no tyrants, no wars
just the soft sun arise,
and below sweeping shores.

Wind in my hair,
feathers so fair,
I'd swoop and I'd dive,
simply being alive.

If I had wings
I'd reach for the stars,
wouldn't need any cars,
just go with the flow
all you need to know.

There'd be no more pain,
I'd just fly away.
No more eyes streaming tears,
no more time, no more years.

If I had wings
I'd simply be free,
not a worry in my head,
not a thing I would dread.
I would be free....

Fly with me now,
don't need to ask how.
Spread your great wings,
as the songbirds do sing,
and fly.

If I had wings,
I'd live for the night
when the stars shine bright,
with the moon's full light
I'd be there for what's right,
I swear I'd still fight.

But it's only a dream....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I had wings....

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