In The Real World

In The Real World


In the real world
utopia is just a word,
the sky ain't always blue,
death's a thing that's far too true
so get it through your thick head,
eventually, we'll all be dead
and life ain't no paradise.

In the real world;
what looks like jam is likely blood,
lock the gates so it won't flood,
our dreams are where we all escape,
forget the shock that burned the plate,
bite the bullet and don't be late,
we'll all forget our dying date.

In the dream world;
the gates will sparkle like your eyes,
the presents come, a big surprise.
Forget your life, the deep demise,
cut the bow and slash the ties,
I swear the boiling point will rise.
Don't wake up, you will despise.

In the other world;
those skies are falling down and down,
finish the calling or you will drown.
Express yourself, perpetual frown.
Save your breath, await the death,
if all you deem is but a dream
than wake the ache, your bloody heart,
grasp the dagger, throw the dart,
cling to your forbidden art.

So wash the wound
'cause life's got teeth
wrapped around you like a wreath.
Dig right in and don't be shy,
catch the wish and wonder why,
'cause in the real world
nothing's ever as it seems
so don't wake up, keep your dreams,
you never know who picks the teams.

In the real world life goes on,
so keep on singing your bitter song,
just keep going, I'm not wrong.
Life don't play fair, so just stay strong
'cause in the real world, life just goes on.

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