She Waited

She waited.

Wanting for something she couldn’t reach

And she knew

He stuck to her heart, just like a leech

He gripped hard

And soon, She didn’t know if she’d be able to ever let go.

But did it matter?

The feelings he gives her are the best feelings she has ever known

It’s strange.

Who knew your stomach could crawl up into your chest?

Fluttering wildly

And oh, When they talk, the things he would suggest.

It drives her crazy

So, maybe she didn’t care that he was so far away

Because she knew

Even if there is just a tiny hope, that she’d hold him one day

It would be worth it.

So, She’d sit here, and wait, and the time wouldn’t be wasted

Because if she was with him

For just a while, She will never regret herself having waited.

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