Praise the Gods of Love

“Praise the Gods of Love”

First of all, don’t think I’m desperate, I was just a guy looking for love. I was at a bar lonely, while everybody was drunk. Now is my chance. Since I saw her I fell in love, my hearth raced when I saw her. Was something in my drink? Was I really that drunk or crazy to approach such a beautiful girl? I don’t care, it didn’t matter, it was time to finally man up. Wow, if I told you how she looked, you wouldn’t believe me. She was not that tall, but not that short either. Had black short curly hair and with a semi-tanned skin made her green eyes stand out even more. Using a white tank top and a blue skirt, a little bit over the knees, and black slingbaks with a short heel, you could tell that she was a stylish but simple at the same time. As I was looking at her she turned back to me and smiled. I obviously smiled back, probably with an awkward dummy face because she giggled, a sweet giggle, and smiled back, then looked away. I knew that that was the sign, the sign I was looking for send by the gods of love to approach her.
As I got off the chair my friend Greg came to me, he was really drunk: “Bro! Let’s go to the karaoke, some Latina chicks from our Spanish class are close, maybe if we sing some rancheras, it’ll be a total turn on. You know what they say in Mexico ‘No hay pedou hay peda.’” I looked at him in annoyance, “First you should practice more your Spanish because it sucks, and second of all, go on and talk to them like a decent person.” I said. “You think that’ll work?” Greg said. “Positive”, and believe it or not, 6 years later he married both of them, don’t ask me that works. I looked back at the girl, and to my surprise someone is talking to her. That put me so furious, Greg can sometimes be such an idiot. I don’t even know why I went to that bar. As if Greg will spend time with me, he is always trying hook-up with anything that moved back in the day, I swear. Me, I was just a constant failure when it comes to hooking-up, the first time I talked to a girl, I pee my pants, but that was during preschool. Now I just say stupid pick-up lines that I look up on the internet, believe me I would prefer to pee my pants. Then Journey’s song “Don’t Stop Believing” started playing, and the girl of my dreams was alone again, the second sign. Ooow praise the gods of love who had mercy on my lonely soul.  I was already walking to her, on my way a drunk guy fell over me, so I pushed him, two drunk women tried to seduce me, but not even them could stop me now, and besides they looked like that eccentric type of woman you know. I put my shoulder on the table and out of nowhere a sudden lame pick-up line came out of my mouth. Not again. A second passes and the girl starts laughing. Wow, the third sign, this is really meant to be, she likes my bad pickup lines! Sweetly she said: “Why don’t you get us two a couple of beers.” Without hesitation I went to the bartender and asked for two beers, but to my unpleasant surprise, when I looked back at her, I saw it. She was kissing another woman! GODDAMMIT! What I luck I was having that day, I don’t know if she was her girlfriend or just a hook-up, but I didn’t care. How cliché of me now I will vent my sorrows with the bartender like in the movies.
Out of nowhere a girl who apparently was sitting next to me said, “Are you drinking those?” and let me tell you she was amazing, we kept talking and talking. I was thinking how lucking I was at the moment. “Wow how lucky I am too meet a girl like you”. “What did you say?” “Did I said it outload? I mean yeah your amazing, but… uh”. It’s all over how can someone fail so miserably, only me. Then she looked at me, made a cute smile, took one beer and started drinking it. And that kids, is how I met your mother.

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