Why Men Do The Things That Men Do

Why men do the things that men do!

I don't think there really is an explanation that would suit any  rational person. Perhaps it's a genetic flaw, part of our DNA. Perhaps it lays within our soul . Who knows? Certainly not I . But I can tell you that once the thought has crossed your mind. It is forever lurking in the dark abyss. I was told recently that mere loneliness could not be a factor or a reason why.

I guess that's perhaps some peoples loneliness is more than just that. Apathy and rejection can culminate in a deep sense of loneliness, where a person can feel that their whole existence has absolutely no purpose any longer. That whether they are here or not makes no difference to how the world turns. So as a consequence they feel that it's time to get off. Some are drawn by a sense of inextricable need to be with their soul mate. To go to place that feel is far better than the one they are currently in. That it would serve better their loved ones that they were no longer here as it seems they only cause them upset.Who really knows? Perhaps only only the shadow. Cryptic doesn't even cover it.All I know is that when it feels the time is right. I'll be stepping off too.

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