I Rambled Once Upon A Tear


I Rambled Once ... Upon a Tear


My mind is washed a new.

It fell upon a spiders web...

So that I could meet with you.

I grew a mask upon a face,

That hid a sorrowed heart !

And thence it failed to heal.


Tomorrow's today,

And yesterday.

Was just then!

And memories ...

Merge and mingle ,

When time runs as one!


But now it's stopped,

For me.

While rippling keys ,

upon an ivory plain.

Where melodies are falling ....

upon deaf ears!


Back ,

to the shadows then.

Where men don't belong.

Learning to leave behind,

Feather men...

And move on.


Sometimes surprised,

With my depth of empathy!

Of how deep hurt goes ......

and the failure of it shows.

For it fails to reach your eyes.

And I know.....


That it washed your soul!

Giajl © Jim Love 

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