It Seems Like It Was , Only

It Seems Like It Was, Only


And when I saw your smile....

It was, a goddess, personified.

You melted my heart.

Stealing my breath away.

Ripping my soul...... and,

Drinking, it's essence.

With the coming of the dawn.

I was near spent,...... though,


Were still there.

She smelled of rainbows 

And all things majik 

And she'd washed,

My pain away.

And I eddied 

in her body's warmth 

Savoured her dusky smell


at her body's delight.

Felt,....... blessed.

I never, met you as a child?

Perhaps it was in another life.

No matter.

I bet were,

More than really wild!!

After all, you were.......


Last night!

Giajl © Jim Love 

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