Sobering Thoughts

We Are, Who We Are, Seriously ,


Clever people can oft see potential in us and play a part in helping to mold, manipulate  us. To steer us along that path where we will achieve our destiny.

Sometimes they do this as it is of an advantage to them. 

Sometimes its because that is their role in the greater scheme of life, it is their destiny .


"But, you can't change us"!


You can't make us something we are not, nor not destined to be .

Leopards after all, do not change their spots, and elephants, of whatever colour, and either in the room or not.

Will always be , just elephants.


To achieve our destiny we must firstly have the courage to seek it.

Me....? I'm .....



Giajl © Jim Love 

Extract from the Diaries of "Jock Love A Soldier & A Poet" During Confused Times : Sobering Thoughts . 

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