Reflections Or an Old Mans Rant?

Reflections Or an Old Mans Rant?


I have read a few if not many, individual contributions and accounts of personal daily experiences of the 1982 Falklands War.

Of which quite a few have been posted within this group, and as  a consequence  has allowed the comments to be read by some. 2,500 people world wide. (Possibly more).


I would say whole heartily it has been enlightening to me in regard to the concept of fear, irrationality ,the Regimental system, and the tenacity of the British Airborne Soldier, and of those who have to pass a selection process to join Regiments and units from within the elitists regiments of the British Forces. 

It has also provided an insight to how life was for those on board the ships dotted around the islands and of those who lived daily in the direct line of fire, "Bomb Alley", from the aircraft that passed those of us on the ground by.


But I feel that there has been an overwhelmingly disparity in regard to the actions of other units and their part in proceedings onshore.

The Airborne contribution has been minimal, but wholly factual and  true, as has those of the Royal Marine and Commando units.

Wherein I have an interpretation that has been  in much conceived via the postings of accounts from members of other units,concerning individuals " War Diary's", which were written daily apparently during the actual conflict.


Where I, not having enough paper to write radio messages or fire direction orders on(never mind wipe my arse with). I find it incredulous these people had the luxury to write copious entries in the vein of;

 Today : I got woke up, had a brew, went to an O group , we scoffed, listened to reports of the fighting and who died today. 

Day whatever: We got prepare to move, went off single file, somebody got wet so we stopped, went off again, stopped because of a minefield, waited while it was cleared, then we carried on, moaned about the inadequacy of the re-supply system because they didn't have enough doss bags ( meanwhile just over the fucking hill so to speak we stripped our dead, the enemy dead, took their clothes, equipment emptied their pouches and pockets of their ammunition ) one of these budding Shakespeare's had the time to slag one of his blokes off, totally destroying his credibility as a man and a soldier because of his alleged actions during events 30 years ago. Then decides to be mates with him and lookout for him, meanwhile in the same diary entry lets everyone know what an ace bloke I am(he is) in doing it all, not forgetting (he) is also telling the world what this poor blokes name is.


The accounts, short stories, glimpses of all those years ago written and posted on here by myself in particular. Were written some ten even twenty years plus of the War in 82 and drawn from the nightly bursts I saw in my dreams.

I do realise that there is a "sharp end", a "blunt end" and the land of REMF's. 

All of the above which work with cohesion to ensure the war machine stays well oiled and maintains the ethos to achieve victory.


Everybody fucked up somewhere, some how. Some paid for it with their lives whether as a direct consequence of the individual actions or lack of,  or of mistakes or failings by others.


There are those  who know of these things from 82, and behind closed doors late into the night and into the early hours, these incidents may sometimes surface through alcohol and maudlin minds.


They are not aired nor mentioned outside these selected circles. To save those concerned ?(as they know that we all know). Perhaps it is because it could be said it is  in conflict and casts doubt irrespective of the integrity of professionalism as a soldier, it also impinges on the credibility as to them being classed as a member of the human race and to being defined, as being a "Man".


Similarly it is oft not the individuals name which is remembered by those outside that circle, but the name of his Regiment. As such, these folk, these very few, still remain within that circle of knowledge.


To which end the circle still maintains that Spirit and Pride  and The Ethos of  The Regimental System.


Giajl  15:42 15/06/12


Fifteen men of ‘em stiff and stark 

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Ten of the crew had the murder mark 

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum






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