Gloaming ,


She's the new love in my life.

And everyone.....

Wants to know her name!

Though ,

If you say it too ....often,

It may lose it's meaning.

But if you don't say it ,

often enough .

You may lose your woman!

It was always the case,

That the ones that I wanted.....

Were the ones, that were,


Stolen by others.

Eloped like lovers....

Of the simple things,

In life.

A smile, a word,

or perhaps ......

A kiss!

Baby Blue Eyes .

Fantastic..... tits.

I was often complimented ....

On my ankles!

By women,that'd come to stay.

Of how thin .....they are .


As we frolic'd in the hay!!!

Giajl © Jim Love 





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