Short Stories


They left the car parked high on the hill overlooking the bay.The dark coloured waters, merging with the sky at the horizon. While near the beach white capped waves whipped from wind. Crashed upon the shore. The smell of sea, salt and fury coming inshore from the sea. 

It was bitter cold. What they call,

refreshing or bracing. No matter it was bloody cold. But at the same time it was magnificent . The contrasting colours and the cry of the gulls. But most of all there was Chill , laughing by his side. 

He reached out and took her hand drawing her closer to him . So he could shield her body from the howling wind. He shortened his stride so she could keep pace with him. She strode determinedly asking no quarter. . Her jaw set. Challenging him to say something .Daring him to ask her if he was walking to fast.

Been there done that, never gonna happen again . In fact she was putting him under pressure if fact be known.

He loved her fierce determination and tenacity. God she'd have made a great paratrooper . 

He was just happy that he'd been allowed into her life. 

The sun was now decline and beginning to set .In following the path along the beach they had managed to loop back towards the car.

She pulled him close then gave him an almighty shove nearly knocking him over .

"Race you to car", she shouted mingled in with that positively wicked laugh of hers .

He started after her but held back watching her bum in her tight jeans. Mesmerised at the fluidity of it's motion.

God she was bloody brilliant.

He was lost in the moment and suddenly he'd caught her up. 

He caught her shoulder and spin her round drawing into his arms. 

He kissed her , hot and passionately then drew back and held her at arms length . A kiss for the winner .

She laughed, "I'm bloody freezing unlock the car."

As she opened the door she spoke again, "Winner share a bath with the Loser"?

I kissed her check and ran round the car shouting. "Yes please"!


PostScript :

He never got the bath, and now it seems he's lost the girl .

Giajl © Jim Love 

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