A Friend Has Passed This Way

Falklands 82
A Friend Has Passed This Way
I too have seen ,
and watched .
Oft at times , mayhap reflected!
Those sad ,and tired eyes.
Wherein a grin, a craic.
Helps maintain the masquerade.
Those mirrors of our soul.
Lack lustre, shows.
Where shine,
and  life's mischief's twinkle.
Have now long gone.
only captured......
By one who never lies!
That omnipresent lens.
Where demons snuff the sparkle,
To make you think you have no hope.
Leaving ........
A conflict of the mind,
the soul , 
the thirst of life.
A choice to quench the fire in your brain.
So  finally there's peace .
But only for you........
A friend has passed this way
R.I.P. Steve "Hank"Hood
A Lover, A Husband, A Father and an Airborne Soldier.
Forever Young Class of 82.
Giajl © Jim Love 
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