A Poem for Chandler


A Poem for Chandler


Just We Three.
I smell you momma!
I sense your love,
From your body's warmth.

To your sweet gentle tears,
I was born so small!
Do I look like you daddy,
Will I grow that tall?

I love you too daddy.
I'm special I know,
I'll love you both forever!
For love gives you wings!

I'll live in your hearts.
While in my own world of darkness,
You live in my dreams.
For my world is sentient.

Jim Love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Brave Little Trooper- Chandler Aged Three

This has been copied from the Ex-Parachute Web Site the address is at the bottom.

This brave little boy Chandler faced his first battle, the day he was born. He came into the world two months early, and faced many problems. He had a low birth weight, and breathing difficulties, he also suffered a bleed to his brain. Little Chandler, showed his proud parents, that he was a born fighter. He managed to over come the problems he had faced and was finally allowed home.

However, two months later, Chandler was unwell and his parents rushed him to hospital. Where unfortunately Chandler was misdiagnosed to be suffering from "Colic" and his parents told to take him home. He continued to be unwell, and little Chandler went into a coma. He had contracted Meningitis and Septicaemia. This was to be the start of his second battle for life. There were many times, that his parents did not think he would pull through. They could only sit and watch their little son, fight for his life. But this brave little man, continued to fight and prove he had a strong will to live. He won the battle yet again?

Eventually Chandler was taken home by his parents, who by now just wanted to get on with their lives and to enjoy their baby. However, this was short lived, Chandler?s mum noticed that something, was not quite right with his development. He could not sit properly in his baby seat, his little hands were always in a tight grip, he also had obvious problems with his vision?

His mum and dad knew that something was wrong, they wanted answers from the medical people , but nobody would tell them anything? So they had to conduct their own research, via the internet and the libraries. Their own investigations led them to the conclusion that, Chandler had in fact got Cerebral Palsy, and the Doctors eventually confirmed this. His parents also had to come to terms with the fact that, Chandler also suffers from Epilepsy.

Now Chandler is 3 years old and recently been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, (that means he?s got water on the brain?due to the bleed he suffered at birth) Now he?s got to face another operation, to relieve the pressure on his brain and help prevent it from reoccurring. So Chandler and his family have to face yet another battle?

Although Chandler can not physically do what other children do, you can see from the picture that he is a little fighter. He is a happy little boy, and in spite of his disability he is tries to walk and talk and with a big smile on his face.

It?s hard to imagine the heartache and emotional stress, that his parents have gone through over the past three years. Life at times, must appear to be one big struggle. I know you will all want to, wish Chandler well with his operation, and send messages of support to his mum and dad. So I have set up a folder on the message board for you all to sign and this will be passed on to the family. Chandler?s dad is Corporal Paul Biddiss 3 para and his mum is called Debbie.

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