Short Stories

The flares had turned the landscape into a bluish grey. Yellow white bursts of light against a jet black sky. We ran around in circles. Small groups meeting up, to confirm grid reference's. Our boots splashing through the water, a couple of inches deep.Battle or no battle, nobody was bending down on one knee to low profile it. I'd tried it about half an hour back, and the water had been fucking freezing. My knee was still numb. The ear piece, on my left ear was totally mute. I kept having this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, that the rest of the world was talking to each other, and I didn't know anything about it. Because I was the only one carrying a thirty pound piece of useless junk.

Tracer was arcing from somewhere ahead, crossing the sky, from right to left. Like white hyphen's on a black page. I was trying to hear what they were saying. But it was hard to concentrate, because of all the noise around us. Also my eyes were hurting like hell. I was trying to look everywhere at once, and my eyes seemed to be spinning around in their sockets, like dice in a backgammon cup. P.J. was talking to some big bastard, well, not exactly talking. It looked like the talking was over, and they were about to start punching the shit out of each other. I butted in. What's he saying Pete?

He's looking for the RV, it's near this big lake on the map. The big bastard loomed forward. "There's no fucking lake, I've been all around here and there's "NO FUCKING LAKES". My radio suddenly came to life, and I was sinally hearing voices in my left ear.It worked. "Shot ZT2104,splash over" "Splash out". Somebody was firing, and it was going to land in about three seconds. They're all looking at me.

"Pete, what the fuck is ZT2104?, I don't remember that one!" I looked up at the sky for inspiration, and I got it. WHOOSH!!

Everybody froze, time stood still. PLOP!

Then night turned into day, We were drenched in light, like rabbits caught in a car's headlights. We stood stock still, not moving. Green tracer, had now joined the white, crisscrossing the sky. There were five of us, standing in a small group, on one of the flattest pieces of ground, I have ever seen. We were casting shadows fifteen feet long. The light from the Star Shell, bounced back up at us, from between our feet, and all around us. We had found the lake. They were right in the fucking middle of it! No wonder my feet were soaked, and freezing. The light went out, and we were all left temporally blinded. Night vision returned slowly.

The big bastard and his mate, turned, righted, and splashed off, into the dark. We turned left, to where the tracer was striking, buildings burning. Willie let out a loud fart , and we ran off laughing, and splashing, towards who knew what. Just trying to put some distance between us, and the lake, we'd spent so long looking for, and to find a piece of dry land. Where, hopefully, nobody would notice us, until we'd dried out a bit.




Tracer danced across the skies

Red,green,and white

Arcing, dipping, bouncing up into the night.

Schumulie's whizzed and 2 incher's plopped.

Star shell's screamed to make you stop.

Flames in the gorse,

With the smoke in your throat

Your feet splash through puddles

As you try to keep in line.

Hoping to find some cover.


there was no chance of finding sanity.

Confusion and shouting

Head for the voice

Don't bunch up, though often no choice.

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Do you know where we are?

Do you have any link?

Where's the fire support?

How soon till dawn?

Most attacks were at night.


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