Falklands 82

They said it was like a giant sponge.

Had a bad water table, you see.

We all grinned and laughed.

The soldier’s laugh.

If you dig a hole, it fill with water.

Brackish, green- black water.

Mixed with sheep’s piss.

The soldiers all laughed.

April-May’s the end of their summer.

With June the start of their winter.

Water at the bottom, water at the top.

Snow in June, you had to laugh.

Cold , wet , a damp arse sitting in a smelly hole.

You finally get a letter from home,

A loved one, your mother, your wife.

No, the bank manager say’s you’re overdrawn.

you grin and laugh,

the soldier’s laugh.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's all true

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