Remember me, because

April 2021

Remember me, because


You knew me.

Or I’d touched,some place.....

Within, your heart.

That perhaps, 

had struck, a chord.

Would love,

be such a burden on my soul.

I’d weary, at its thought.

A sense, of lonely ......abandonment.

A yearning, to belong.

I dreamt that, of such,  nay....

I suffered, because of it.

Sometimes, there’s a sadness, that....

Just, washes over you.

And envelopes, your soul.

Happiness, is sometimes an event, that can be shared.

Sometimes, it’s a moment, you can give, to another.

Unbeknownst to them, 

or anyone.



It’d be my choice to give.....

Giajl © Jim Love(LL)

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