Poems, of A Forgotten Soldier.

Poems, of A Forgotten Soldier.


The old mans writings ......

Love poems, sonnets, and of other forgotten things. 

Read by many.

Understood, by a mere few, 

though none of them's read....by you. 

Misplaced affection, having lost it's direction, 

now faceless, with time. 

The sound of a voice .....giving no choice.

But .....they're not the words, 

that I, long to hear. 

Kisses..... sweeter than wine, 

forgotten with time.

Softer, than a faeries touch. 

The emptiness I suffer. 

Through the lack of caress, upon. 

Your silky soft skin.

Memories and moments.

Where a floundering fool.

Let his love slip away. 

Remembering .......

The poetry she brought into his life.

The glow it brought his heart, 

and it's grief.

Just know, they are always written .....,

from the heart.

But not all are written 

in the mud, and ....


initialled by death.

Giajl © Jim Love

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