I Only Draw Breath to....

April 2019

I Only Draw Breath to....


I have no dreams ....

Or, aspirations.

Nor, any thoughts.

For the morrow.

I’m watching the moon. 

Chase, the dawn.

Across a blackened sky.

All the while. 

Knowing, the new day.

Will be, just like, yesterday.

I can’t share, my .......demons.

For only I, see them, when I sleep.

And they are ever mine,

and mine to, forever keep.

As the light filters through,

the birds oft whistle. 

A cheerful tune.

But the only melodies, I know.

Are whale songs.

Sang at 52 MHz.

So......perhaps you might.

Remember, the lonely 



Take pity on the lost.

Giajl © Jim Love

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