It’s Not, Because I’m Brave

April 2019

It’s Not, Because I’m Brave


The reason, that I’ve stayed.

It’s just that I’ve found.

I’ve never, really, fitted in......

No matter, where I’ve been.

And still, I love...... the night !

And the darkness, that it brings.

The places, you can hide.

And how that, it fills your mind, with.....

the quiet, and the doubt.

And how we all, become, as equals.

Don’t tell me, that I’m wrong.

There is no other explanation, that can be.

There are no colours, in the night.....

The dark, is dark, and black, is the night.

It hides the screams, and memories. 

Of bad dreams, those moments, from the past,

and, I’ve forgotten ......

More than I should.

Of the bad, the ugly, and the not so good.

And so that’s why ......

I love the night, and blackness, that it brings.

Where I am silent, and unseen.

And slowly like the night, 

I fade away.

And still..... 


I love the night....

Giajl © Jim Love

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