Don't Let My Nostalgic Smiles, Fool You

Don’t Let My Nostalgic Smiles, Fool You


73 to 82 and beyond, till 91.
Memories of war....?...
Mens lives, were changed forever.....
and men, died.
The Yanks, they had.....
Vietnam 10,000 miles away,
and the perfumed river.
Full metal jackets, dope, guitars and ......
rock n roll.
We had the Falklands islands,
8,000 miles away.
With the Murrell River and....
the BBC.
We had Benson & Hedges, Virginia rolled.
Monty Python, a piano, and Wendy’s vocals.
We had 7.62.....

We had each other.
Giajl © Jim Love

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