Once Again He's Come Late, Or

July 2018

Once Again He's Come Late, Or


Just because....

I'm sharing, my memories.

Between a bottle, and..... the,


Loneliness, is my existence. 

And, I'm now, waiting, for .....god.

My tears are copious, and warm.

And flow without compunction.

There's something here, I know, not, what.

And it casts a shadow, on my soul.

Don't, colour me, sad......

Just because, I'm lonely.

Once, my colours....

Outshone, the sun.

I stood amongst warriors.

I spilled blood, cleaved skulls.

I sang a battle song.

I regaled those moments.

Long ago.

Like they were yesterday....

Seems I've been forgotten 

Though I still reach for,

the sky....

And it seems 


Today's, not ......the day I die....


Giajl © Jim Love

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