I’ve Bēon, Yes.....

July 2018

I’ve Bēon, Yes.....


If my tears did fill a river.

Would it, as a torrent flow...?

And would those tears.....fall, 

like heavy rain ?

Or would they just, gently roll.

Would my fears.

Be, washed away.

Or be left, to eddy ?

In sunny spots.

Where shadows, fear to dwell.

To return then, to ......haunt me....

On, another day.

For .....

I remember, the scents.

Of summer, from my youth.

Of Italy, and Nordic shores.

The smell of England ....

Of Scotland’s, heather’d hills.

I am indeed envious of those.

Who have the time, of youth.



My times been.....

Giajl © Jim Love  






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