What Could I Say.....To

July 2018

What Could I Say.....To



I have seen the likes, 

That, few, have ever seen.

I’ve inhaled, 

the breath,


A dying mans.....Last words.

I’ve been immersed, in the van of battle.

I’ve watched dispassionately. 

While brothers died.

I shared deaths banquet.

I’ve seen the sun,...... bloody red, whilst it set.

Never, expecting to see it, rise.

I have learned the truth, about... dying,

and the cost,

To men, at war.

I’ve tasted cordite, mingled with fear.

Death has no pact with destiny.

And I’m drinking with,

the lost, 

the forgotten, 

and the dead.

I’ve saved the world

And it’s been inherited 



The snowflakes, from hell.

Giajl © Jim Love  





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