Sometimes I Wish,

May 2018

Sometimes I Wish, 


I wish I could do majik 

I could drink, of ......dreams, and.

Change the story of my life.

And, I think I’ve seen light.

But, I still don’t see things any clearer.

For, there’s no difference in my day, 

or in, 

my night.

it’s only filled with darkness, and despair.

And I’m still alone.

While I’m stumbling on life’s darkened path.

I’m still searching for that chill. 

And all the while I’m thinking of my love.

I’m hoping that she’s safe.

There’s a something lurking, in the corner.... 

of my soul.

I don’t know what it is,

but if I let slip, it terrifies me.

Silently it broods, 

hiding deep inside me.

I know not what it is, but fears it the light.

And I don’t know if dare let it go, or 

if it’s safer to hold it here, inside me.

And would I set me free if I were ....To.

release it.

To the darkness 


in the deepest of the night.

Giajl © Jim Love

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