I wanna sing me a happy song

May 2018

I wanna sing me a happy song

But I know no words

Now that you have gone

I was given a chill that didn’t last

I wanna smile and hear my laugh

I wanna chase shadows 

I Wanna watch the rain fall like tears 

I wanna run barefoot through the grass

I just wanna have some fun

Now that you have gone


I wanna see a star that’s mine alone

I wanna feel a magic feathers touch

I wanna poke the smokey ashes 

I wanna hold you in my arms


I wanna drink sweet sweet wine

I wanna smile all the time

I’m tired of being sad

I’m tired of being alone

I wanna chase moonbeams 

As they fight with the setting sun

I wanna smell sunlight in your hair

I wanna feel your silky skin

Tremble from my touch

I wanna drink again and drink deep 

From your baby blues 


I wanna sail across the ocean

I wanna feel the pure emotion 

Of what I once had with you

I wanna taste your love again 



Giajl © Jim Love  

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