Frangere a Malady

April 2018

Frangere a Malady I


Need to know.

Doctor, doctor ....,

Can you you tell me why ?

I’m drinking vodka,

trying to drown away, my sleep !

And why 

There are no songs, that laud my friends.

Through the memories, still run deep.

And though you think, I’m listening to you....

Even while you speak.

I’m 8 thousand miles miles away....,

On a southern, summers day.

At bottom,of, the world ........

I’m toasting warriors.

And the moment, makes me smile.

I see them all, just like, yesterday.

Then I see them as they fall.

When I’m alone at night..

Their silent screams, invade my dreams.

Preventing me from sleep.

I saw death in all his forms.

And though he passed me by.

I have a bond, with brothers,

That even death


Can’t break.

Giajl © Jim Love  






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