Silent Am I Now....for

April 2018

Silent Am I Now....for


Who would know..... if.

I’m happy.

I have an empathy,

for those, that can, sing.

For those, which have a talent.

And of those, who have...... shared.

I’ve been searching, for happiness.

In vain, it would seem.

For, I’ve long lost, its grasp, 

and what it means.

And song..... is now.

That, which soothes, 

my .....ache.

Though the melodies, 

don’t quite fill,my .......

empty heart.

For my soul ..... cast adrift on the wind.

Has stolen my emotions.

It’s used all my tears, 

to, wash away memories.

And I am lonesome.


Beyond, compare


I’m beyond redemption. 


Giajl © Jim Love  

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